Why Coquí Pharma?

The answer is simple, Coquí Pharma is the only real solution for the impending Molybdenum-99 (Mo-99) crisis that is expected to occur in 2016 when several facilities shut down. Our team, which includes executives, doctors, physicians, and experts with a lifetime of experience as nuclear safety regulators, are working together to create a much needed medical radioisotope powerhouse in the Western Hemisphere. Using Open Pool Reactor technology similar to that employed in the OPAL facility in Australia,  Coquí Pharma’s technology is the only proven, demonstrated, safe, and reliable method for commercially scalable Mo-99 production. Coquí Pharma’s facility shall fully comply with the Global Threat Reduction Initiative and shall emphasize safety.

Our manufacturing process shares a history of FDA approval in the United States as opposed to potential competitors who must completely prove their experimental processes with the FDA and regulators. Other technologies, such as liquid reactors, are still too green-field to be employed and accelerators based processes have a low production rate. That is why Coquí, using technology whose basic principles have been safely employed for decades, shall revolutionize the industry by being the first dedicated Medical Isotope Production Facility in the United States using state of the art LEU Mo-99 optimized procedures.