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Coquí RadioPharmaceuticals, Corp. (Coquí Pharma) is a company whose mission is to create a commercially scalable and reliable supply of medical diagnostic and therapeutic radioisotopes in the United States.

Around the world only a small number of facilities have the capacity for the commercial production of radioisotopes. Yet the United States, the largest market for medical radioisotopes, has no domestic supply and in turn relies on imports from Europe and elsewhere.

Essential to nuclear medicine, radioisotopes are applied in the diagnosis and treatment of diseases. Its uses span a wide range of diagnostic and treatment applications including brain, heart, lung, liver, renal, oncologic, and muscle skeletal diseases. Of all the medical radioisotopes Molybdenum-99 (Mo-99) is used for over 80% of procedures. Lasting only 66 hours after production Mo-99 cannot be stockpiled and presents unique distribution challenges when imported into the United States. In recent years Mo-99 shortages deprived patients of lifesaving diagnostics and treatment.